Descendants of William Robert John Aldrich and Jane Elizabeth Read

 Jessie Elizabeth
 Daisy Mary
Robert John Frost
Minnie Jane
Ernest William
 b 1878 London
 b 1879 Thanet Kent
 b 1881 Margate Kent
 b 1885 Margate Kent
 b 1887 Margate Kent
 d 1919 Kent
 d 1880 Kent
 d 1939 Wellington NZ
 d 1978 Kent
 d 1968 Lewisham London
 m 1902 Thanet Kent
  m 1903 South Africa
m 1934 Kent   m 1911 Kent
 Stanley Hobday
   Florence Osborne
* Percy Greaves   Emily Beatrice Sired
b 1877 Kent
   b 1878 London
b 1869 London   b 1882 Middlesex
 d 1940 Kent
   d 1955 New Plymouth NZ
d 1942 Kent   d 1968 London
 House Decorator   Soldier in Boer War 
Florence returned from SA in 1908 then went to NZ in 1916
Dom Servant in 1911 census
Jack and Luiz  with Aldrich grandparents
Robert in NZ in1911
Joined Auckland Mounted Rifles in 1914
* m1) 1896 Lon
Amelia Heck
b 1868 Lon d 1905 Lon 
Dockyard Labourer