Descendants of Mary Elizabeth Bould and unknown

Beatrice (Bould)
 Wilfred Lingard (Bould)
 Ernest (Bould)
 b 1890 Ferrybridge Yorkshire
 b 1893 Ferrybridge Yorkshire
 b 1896 Ferrybridge Yorkshire
d 1954 Worksop Nottinghamshire   d 1927 Pontefract Yorkshire
d 1956 Pontefract Yorkshire
 m1) 1909 Pontefract Yorkshire
 m 1915 Sheepscar Yorkshire
 m 1921 Pontefract Yorkshire
 Frederick Massey (coal screener)
 Clarissa Alice Wilson
 Florence Groom
 b 1890 Woodhouse Derbyshire
 b 1894 Leeds Yorkshire
 b 1897 Pontefract Yorkshire
d 1916 France   d 1953 Leeds Yorkshire
d 1972 Pontefract Yorkshire 
 m2) 1917 Pontefract Yorkshire
Robert Bastow
b1893 Pontefract Yorkshire    
 d 1975 Chesterfield Derbyshire    
mother listed as single on birth cert
no father listed on marriage cert 
father listed as Elijah Bould on marriage cert
mother registered as spinster on baptism record 
no father listed on marriage cert