Descendants of Samuel Richard Stokes and Florence Barker

William Henry
Eliza A  (Betty)
Samuel RIchard
 b 1904 Tunstall Staffordshire
 b 1907 Tunstall  Staffordshire  b 1909  Tunstall  Staffordshire  b 1912 Wolstanton  Staffordshire  b 1915 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
 b 1917 Mansfield  Nottinghamshire  b 1920 Mansfield  Nottinghamshire  b 1922 Mansfield  Nottinghamshire
 d 1984 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
 d 1954 Birmingham Warwickshire
 d 1995 Mansfield Nottingham
 d 1982 Mansfield Nottingham
 d 1990 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
 d 1990 Birmingham Warwickshire
 d 1989 Mansfield  Nottinghamshire  d 1995 Boston
 m 1925 Stoke on Trent
 m1) 1924 Birmingham Warwickshire
 m 1933 Mansfield Nottingham

m 1938 Mansfield  Nottinghamshire  m1) 1935 Mansfield  Nottinghamshire
div 1950
 m1) 1944 Newcastle upon Lyme Staffordshire
 m 1944 Basford 
 Eva Johnson
 John Arthur Hadley
 Clarence Smith
 Alan Wilson
 Marian Moakes
 Robert Wright
** Marjorie Banks
 Evelyn Wright
 b 1905 Longton Staffordshire
 b 1905 Birmingham Warwickshire
 b 1912 Creswell  Derbyshire
 b 1912
 b 1920 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
b 1915 Mansfield Nottinghamshire   b 1924 Stoke on Trent
 b 1920 Mansfield  Nottinghamshire
 d 1981 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
 d 1976Birmingham  Warwickshire
 d 1978 Mansfield Nottingham
   d 2010 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
  d 1980 Stoke on Trent
  m2) 1950 Birmingham Warwickshire     m 1953 Middlesex England    m2) 1959 Birmingham Warwickshire
m2) 1957 Mansfield  Nottinghamshire
  * David George White     Peter William Hooper
   Harry Gardner Gregory
* Olga M Morley (nee Timms)
  b 1912 Birmingham Warwickshire    b 1924 Portsmouth Hampshire     b 1909 Alcester Worcestershire
b 1926 Basford
Nottingham shire
   d 1977 Birmingham Warwickshire   d 2014 Mansfield Nottinghamshire     d 1990 Birmingham Warwickshire
 d 2001 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
 m1) 1932 Birmingham Warwickshire
Florence Ethel Evans

b 1910 Birmingham Warwickshire
d 1950 Birmingham Warwickshire
m3) 1955 Birmingham Warwickshire
Catherine Cole
b 1925 Liverpool Lancashire
d 2003 Birmingham Warwickshire 
    *m1) 1953 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
Denis Morley

** m2) 1950 Thanet Kent
Ernest Alan Setterfield
b 1919 Thanet Kent
d 2002 Thanet Kent
Coal miner   Coal miner Mine electrician   
Coal miner
no children
returned from NZ 1966