Descendants of Thomas Bould and Harriet Hancock

 Sarah Hannah James Mary
William Henry
 b 1822 Elkstone Staffordshire b 1823 Onecote Staffordshire
b 1824 Norton in the Moors Staffordshire  b 1825 Norton in the Moors Staffordshire b 1829 Burslem Staffordshire
 b 1831 Burslem  Staffordshire   b 1832 Fenton  Staffordshire  b 1836 Fenton  Staffordshire b 1838 Fenton  Staffordshire  b 1841 Fenton  Staffordshire  b 1843 Fenton  Staffordshire
 d 1823 Onecote Staffordshired 1826 Norton in the Moors Staffordshire   d 1827 Norton on the Moors Staffordshire d 1830 Burslem  Staff  d 1833 Burslem Staffordshire d 1905 Wolstanton Staff  d 1837 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire  d 1880 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire  in 1881 census as servant   d 1922 Cheshire
         m1) 1853 Stoke on Trent     m 1861 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
m 1862 Staff div 1877  m 1870 Lancashire
         Nathan Ousman (iron moulder)     Thomas Cliff  # George Radford
 Sarah Ann Burgess
         b 1833 Stoke on Trent    b 1837 Hanley Staffordshire  b 1842 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire   b 1849 Staffordshire 
         d 1856 Stoke on Trent    d 1881 Stoke Staffordshire  d 1904  Staffordshire   d 1916 Cheshire
      m2) 1858 Stoke on Trent     
      Elijah Simpson  (potter)    
      b 1834 Hanley Staff     
      d 1901 Stoke on Trent     

# m2) 1889 Staffordshire
Elizabeth Goodwin
 (nee Clinton)
b 1853 Staffordshire
d 1927 Staffordshire
         * m1) 1875 Stoke on Trent
Joseph Goodwin (victualler)
b 1853 Fenton Staffordshire
d 1881 Stoke on Trent
 not in 1841 census  not in 1841 census   not in 1841 census  not in 1841 census
A Mary on Jane's marriage cert
   Potter's painter Potter's mould runner