Descendants of Thomas Aldrich and Sarah Anne Page

 Annie Rose Percy Thomas  Eva Ellen  Alma Florence  Mary Dorothy 
 b 1896 Chelsea London b 1897 Westminster London  b 1898 Westminster London  b 1901 Westminster London  b 1906 Richmond Surrey 
 d 1985 Surrey d 1985 Leominster Herefordshire  d aft 1971  d 1989 Southend Essex   
 m 1916 Croydon Surrey m 1925 Richmond Surrey  m 1919 Richmond Surrey  m 1926 Islington London  m 1925 Islington London 
* Frank Ernest Vaughan Ida May Mead  Cornelius Johannes Oosthuizen  Arthur Valentine Scott  Frederick James Scott 
 b 1867 b 1892 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk  b 1893   b 1897 Lambeth London b 1900 Wood Green Middlesex
 d aft 1925 (witness on Percy's marriage cert) d 1978 Leominster Herefordshire  d 1971 Western Cape South Africa  d 1980 Southend Essex   
* m1)  ?        
Army officer   Fitter  Army officer Motor Engineer  Printer