Descendants of Edward Robert Prior and Harriet Ann Prior

Edward William Davis  Arthur James Louisa Margaret  Walter John Amy Kate Edith Mary William Herbert  Alice
b 1854 Stepney Middlesex  b 1857 Stepney Middlesex  b 1859 Stepney Middlesex   b 1862 Stepney Middlesex b 1865 Stepney Middlesex  b 1867 Stepney Middlesex  b 1870 Stepney Middlesex  b 1873 Stepney Middlesex 
  d 1931 West Ham Essex    d 1927 Romford Essex  d 1939 Essex  d 1949 Romford Essex     
      m 1892 Sawbridge Hertfordshire m 1889 Mile End Old Town      
      Kate Agnes Prior Isaac Free       
      b 1864 Sawbridge Hertfordshire  b 1864 Mile End       
         d 1900 West Ham Essex      
1871 census  unmarried
with g/parents 1871  Law Clerk    unmarried  1881 census  1891 census