Descendants of Frances Amy Jones and Harry Arthur Raynor

Harry Avery Frederick Thomas Frances Alice Julia
b 1908 Manitoba  b 1913 Manitoba  b 1915 Manitoba 
d 1971 Basford Nottinghamshire England  d 1965 Penticton British Columbia Canada  d 1979 Prince George British Columbia 
 m 1936 Nottinghamshire England m 1935 Winnipeg British Columbia
divorced 1955 British Columbia
Nellie Isabel Aynsley  Naomi Ann Gummow Moore  *  Edward Charles Rowe 
b 1910 Nottinghamshire England  b 1921 New Westminster
British Columbia Canada 
b 1914 Petersfield Manitoba 
d 1950 Nottinghamshire England  d 1978 Penticton British Columbia  d 1982 Surrey Manitoba 
Inventor of knitting machine

2 daughters
Carol A b 1941 Nottinghamshire
Alison P b 1949 Nottinghamshire 

Cheryl Ann b 1953 Penticton BC
d 1953 Vancouver BC 
* m2) 1955 Canada
Lenore Schoyen
d aft 2011
daughter (Frances & Edward)
Geraldine Mildred
b 1935 Winipeg
d 2002 Vancouver