Descendants of Henry Matthews and Harriet Nightengale

 Mary AnnSarah Ann Robert Henry Esther  Arthur AugustusFrederick Thomas Rowland  Harry  Harriet 
 b 1851 Birmingham Warwickshireb 1853 Birmingham Warwickshire b 1855 Birmingham Warwickshire b 1856 Birmingham Warwickshire  b 1858 Birmingham Warwickshire b 1859 Birmingham Warwickshire   b 1863 Birmingham Warwickshire b 1869 Clerkenwell London   b 1871 Clerkenwell London
   d 1883 Birmingham Warwickshire   d 1859 Birmingham Warwickshire  d 1926 Bristol Gloucestershire    d 1924 Edmonton Middlesex 
   m 1877 Clerkenwell London    m 1881 Holborn London  m 1884 London   m 1894 Hackney London 
  Annie Mabray    Emily Gazeley   Rebecca Crane   Thomas Auburn Hurren 
  b 1853 Clerkenwell London     b 1863 Holloway London  b 1861 Bexhill Sussex   b 1869 Clerkenwell London
            d 1928 Edmonton Middlesex 
 in 1861in 1861Railway servant  in 1861  brass founderer   Clerk poor law   French polisher