Descendants of Mary Elizabeth Nunn and Thomas Marston Rudland

 Ethel May Alice Gertrude  Ada  Lilian Louise  Herbert  Henry  Elsie Margaret  Thomas Marston 
 b 1873 Harkstead Suffolk b 1874 Harkstead Suffolk  b 1875 Harkstead Suffolk   b 1877 Harkstead Suffolk b 1878 Harkstead Suffolk  b 1884 Woolverstone Suffolk  b 1886 Woolverstone Suffolk 
d 1957 Ipswich Suffolk  d 1912 Woolverstone Suffolk    d 1964 Ipswich Suffolk  d 1954 Ipswich Suffolk  d 1980 Ipswich Suffolk  d 1968 Ipswich Suffolk 
 m 1895 Samford Suffolk m 1909 Samford Suffolk   m 1910 Samford Suffolk m 1905 Samford Suffolk  m 1909 Bosmere Suffolk m 1929 Samford Suffolk  m 1920 Samford Suffolk 
 Percy Alfred Noble *  Clement Bernard Capon * Henry Ernest Cross  Douglas Pace Everett  Marion May Turner Horace Wilfred Lewin   Mary Caroline Allen
 b 1871 Creeting Suffolk b 1878 Manningtree Essex  b 1865 Sotterley Suffolk  b 1877 Ipswich Suffolk  b 1881 Stoneham Suffolk b 1886 Wantisden Suffolk b 1887 Erwarton Suffolk
d 1944 Montgomeryshire Wales  d 1965 Doncaster
d 1946 Norwich Norfolk  d 1963 Ipswich Suffolk  d 1955 Ipswich Suffolk  d 1967 Samford Suffolk  d 1963 Samford Suffolk 
  * m2) 1914 Bierlow Yorkshire
Florence Eliza Taylor
b 1885 Barnsley Yorkshire
d 1971 Chesterfield Derbyshire
* m1)  1891 Middlesex
Gertrude Helen Waters
b 1868 Ashby Norfolk
d 1907 Henstead Norfolk
 Farmer  Engineer Corn Merchant  Hosier and Outfitter  Ag Labourer   Farmer  Farmer