Descendants of Henry Osborne and Louisa Mary Matheson

Henry James (Harry)
John Edward
James William
Mary Anne
b 1867 Bloomsbury London b 1871 Bloomsbury London
b 1874 Bloomsbury London
b 1876 Bloomsbury London
b 1877 Bloomsbury London
b 1878 Bloomsbury London
 b 1880 Bloomsbury London
 d 1943 New Zealand
d 1939 Edmonton Middlesex      d1936 Edmonton Middlesec d 1955 New Zealand
d 1954 Edmonton Middlesex 
 m 1893 London
m 1894 Southwark London
m 1900 Lambeth London
m 1907 South Africa  m1899 Chorlton Lancashire  m 1903 South Africa
m 1904 Edmonton Middlesex 
 Annie Emma (Kitty) Whall
 Florence Edith Tozer
 Eleanor Mary Hickmott
James Clark  John Henry Taylor  Robert John Frost Aldrich
Eugene Joseph Sweeny 
 b 1866 England
 b 1873 Soho London
 b 1874 Maidstone Kent
  b1878 Latvia  b 1880 Margate Kent
b 1878 Lambeth London 
 d 1934 New Zealand
 d 1932 Pancras London   d 1939? South Africa?  d1946 Edmonton Middlesex d 1939 New Zealand
d 1952 Leeds Yorkshire 
Clerk  Confectioner/Music Hall Attendant
no children
 Jeweller's assistant
both in1911census
 in Kent for 1901 census as
boarding house keeper with Florence and Rose
to South Africa 1902 on 

SS Briton with Florence
returned to England in 1908 as Mrs M Clark on the Kinfauns Castle

James Clark worked for Trading Company in Lorenco Marques (now Maputo)
went to Canada shortly after marriage.
Emily and children returned to England in 1915
in Kent for 1901 census  with Mary Anne and Rose
to South Africa 1902 on 

SS Briton with Mary Anne
Florence returned from SA in 1908 (on the Kinfauns Castle) with Jack Luiz and Mary Anne (Clark) then went to NZ with Jack and Luis in 1916
Dom Servant in 1911 census
Jack and Luiz  with Aldrich grandparents in 1911
Robert in NZ in1911
Joined Auckland Mounted Rifles in 1914

in Kent for 1901 census With Mary Anne and Florence