Descendants of John Benjamin Osborne and Ann Prewin

 Mary Ann John Benjamin
 Maria Jones
 b 1819 London b 1821 Lambeth Surrey
 b 1830 Lambeth Surrey
 b 1835 Lambeth Surrey
 b 1839 Uxbridge Middlesex
 d 1905 Surrey d 1890 London
 d 1896 New Zealand
d 1838 London   d 1895 London
m 1845 London  m1) 1842 Mortlake Surrey
 m1) 1854 Soho London    m 1865 London
Peter Lewis Saubergue  Caroline Hall
 Ann Fennel
   Louisa Mary Matheson
b 1816 London  b 1819 Mortlake Surrey
 b 1826  Uxbridge Middlesex
   b 1845 London
 d 1882 London d 1860 London
d 1861 Pancras Middlesex     d 1894 London
  m2) 1860 Lambeth London
m2) 1863 Aston Juxta  Warwickshire    
 * Emma Whall (nee Scarfe)
 Charlotte Deeming  
 b 1823 Redgrave Suffolkb 1828 Uxbridge Middlesex

 d aft 1881 d 1926 Petone NZ   
 * m1) 1843 London
#John Roberts Whall
(police sergeant/publican)
b 1803 Dudley Worcestershire
d 1858 Westminster London

 #m1) 1826 Derby
Elizabeth Sanders Gilbert
b 1793
d 1830 London
#m2) 1831 Westminster London
Emma Elizabeth Sell
b 1811 Westminster London
d 1839 Strand London

Ironmonger and Smith Cabinet Maker/Victuallercabinetmaker
James Charlotte Fanny Lucy Laura and Alexander came to NZ in 1874 on 'Star of India' (James & Charlottes birthdates don't match on ship manifest but do on gravestone)
James fell down bank and died while custodian of Wadestown school 
 Pawnbroker and Silversmith