Descendants of Arthur Harry Norman and Mary Lavinia Cook

Edith Mary Cleveland
Arthur John Musgrove
Anna Kathleen 
Lily Florence
Olive Gwendoline 
Joseph Stuart 
Margery (Margaret) Eveline
b 1879 Middlesborough Yorkshire
b 1880 Colchester Essex
 b 1881 Colchester Essex
b 1883 Colchester Essex
b 1885 Lexden Essex
b 1886 Lexden Essex
b 1888 Nayland Suffolk 
b 1890 Nayland Suffolk
d 1938 Chilliwack BC Canada
 d 1954 Vanderhoof BC Canada
d 1900 Middlesborough Yorkshire  d 1954 Richmond Yorkshire  d 1949 Whitby Yorkshire   d 1894 Middlesborough Yorkshire   
 m 1908 Middlesborough Yorkshire
 m 1908 Whtman Washington USA
    m 1914 Middlesborough Yorkshire       
* Herbert Hindmarch Campbell
 Lilla Eunice Cobb
    Emily Barker       
b 1881 Middlesborough Yorkshire
 b 1880 Grant City Missouri USA
    b 1887       
d 1971 Chilliwack BC Canada
 d 1975 Washington USA
    d 1966 Whitby Yorkshire       
*m2) 1943 Chilliwack BC Canada
Elizabeth Jean Ryan
b 1913 Dawson City Yukon
d 2008 Chilliwack B C Canada 
Mechanical engineer
to Canada 1910 
Timber millman  unmarried  unmarried Engineer Metal turning  in 1911 census with uncle    in 1911 census with uncle