Descendants of George Tyer and Elizabeth Stayte Musgrove

 Catherine Sophia
Henry George
Alfred Edward
b 1809 Hackney Middlesex
b 1810 Hackney Middlesex
b 1812 Hackney Middlesex
b 1813 Hackney Middlesex
b 1815 Hackney Middlesex
b 1816 Hackney Middlesex
b 1818 Hackney Middlesex
b 1819 Hackney Middlesex
b 1820 Hackney Middlesex
b 1824 Hackney
b 1830 Enfield London
 d 1812 Hackney Middlesex
 d 1862 Rochford Essex
 d 1882 Essex Massachusetts USA
 d 1814 Hackney Middlsex
 d 1895 Birmingham Warwickshire
 d 1893 Eton Buckinghamshire
 d 1902 Cosford Suffolk  d 1819 Hackney Middlesex
 d 1874 Dallas Iowa USA
d 1836 Hackney Middlesex  d 1912 Tonbridge Kent
   m 1835 Westminster Middlesex
 m 1834 Lambeth Surrey
     m 1837 Lambeth London
 m 1842 Islington London
   m 1841 St Marylebone London
  m 1854 Hackney Middlesex
   John Norman
 Elizabeth Birch
     Mary James
 George Norman
   Harriett Franklin
  Mary Jane Clarke
   b 1811 Teversham Suffolk
 b 1813 Middlesex England
     b 1817 Kennington Surrey
b 1818 Somersham Suffolk    b 1820 England
  b 1825 Hackney Middlesex
   d 1879 Colchester Essex
 d 1869 Essex Massachusetts USA
     d 1899 Hastings Sussex
 d 1859 Hadleigh Suffolk
  d 1905 Dallas Iowa USA    d 1897 Guildford Surrey
  Surgeon   went to USA in 1841
Inventor(rubber products)
in 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 census she is listed as schoolmistress along with sister Margaret Marshall a widow born 1811 in Cumberland
Station master gentleman  Veterinary surgeon    Baker/Rubber worker/Farmer
went to USA 1841
 Telegraph Engineer