Descendents of Elizabeth Mottram and Herbert Burgoyne

 Martha Florence  George  Alice  William  Thomas   Beatrice Herbert Amy  
 b 1891 Wilmslow Cheshire  b 1893 Wilmslow Cheshire b 1896 Stockport Cheshire   b 1898 Wilmslow Cheshire b 1901 Wilmslow Cheshire  b 1906 Knutsford Cheshire   b 1910 Knutsford Cheshire b  1911 Knutsford Cheshire b 1912 Knutsford Cheshire 
 d 1892 Wilmslow Cheshire d 1969 Macclesfield Cheshire  d 1966 Northwich Cheshire      d 1930 Bucklow
  m 1915 Stockport Cheshire  m 1923 Bucklow
  m 1922 Stockport
  m 1931 Bucklow Cheshire    m 1936 Bucklow Cheshire 
  George Barlow Ellam   Lily Smith   Ada Driver     Francis J Doherty   Charles Callwood 
  b 1894 Altrincham Cheshire              b 1915 Chelford Cheshire 
  d 1969 Macclesfield Cheshire              d 1944 Cheshire 
         m2) 1947 Bucklow Cheshire
        William Newton 
  Florence was a Cop winder