Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of this site?
We have noticed that various genealogical sites we have used to store details about people in our family do not seem to feature when we search for family members by name. If we cannot find people we know are out there, it is unlikely that someone looking for the fruit of our research will find them either. 

This site exists to provide a location that search engines will index and lead other researchers to our information.
I want more information about one of the people listed
We put most information in the pages we link to.  The information here is intended to allow the named to be searched for, allow a quick verification that the right person has been located,  and provide a link to the location of the detailed information.
Why don't you store data in xxx
Possibly because we are not aware it exists.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, we are more than happy to hear about them. Contact Us
I have more information to add
The linked page may allow this to be added, or you can Contact Us if you would like us to add additional details.
Why don't you link to other locations
We are providing links only to the location that we are actively updating and monitoring.
In the past we may have used other repositories,  Removal of links to these means we are no longer updating entries we have created in them.
Your data is wrong
We are always interested to receive corrections.  Any additional or corrected details need to provide independent, verifiable source so they can be checked.   We value the accuracy of the data we are using.
Your comments are spelt funny
Not all English speaking countries use the same spelling.  We use the spelling and grammar of our home country,  you are free to use that of yours in web sites you create.