Genealogy of Branches of Aldrich, Bould, Lawrence, Osborne and Tyer Families

Many years ago my mother pieced together the family trees of the Bould and Tyer families that came to New Zealand from England. From there I have added to and started the family trees for the other branches of our family - the Aldrich, Lawrence and Osborne.

The Aldrich tree goes back to John Aldrich born c1700. Our branch is from Robert John Frost Aldrich who came to New Zealand via South Africa and Portuguese East Africa sometime between 1907 and 1911 .His wife, Florence Osborne, and two older sons followed in 1916.
The Bould tree goes back to Thomas Bould who was born in c1600 in England. Our branch is from Robert Bould and Ann Slater who came to New Zealand in 1841 on the ship, the Lord William Bentinck. Their daughter, Martha Charlotte Bould, married Henry George (Harry) Tyer in 1877.

The Lawrence tree goes back to James Lawrence who was born in Frensham, Surrey c 1760. Our branch is from James Lawrence who was born in1849 at Shepherd's Bush in Surrey and who came to New Zealand with his wife, Elizabeth Amelia Fake, on the ship the Jessie Readman in 1871. Their son, John Ernest Lawrence, married Lilian Mary Tyer, daughter of Henry George (Harry) Tyer and Martha Charlotte Bould.

The Osborne tree goes back to John Osborne who was born in 1735. Our branch is from Florence Osborne who came to New Zealand with her two older sons in 1916, to join her husband, Robert John Frost Aldrich, who arrived in New Zealand sometime between 1907 and 1911.

The Tyer tree goes back to John Tyer of Thurlow in 1672. Our branch is from Henry George (Harry) Tyer who came to New Zealand in 1875 on the St Leonards following his brother Alfred who arrived in 1860 on board the Robert Small. He married Martha Charlotte Bould, daughter of Robert Bould and Ann Slater.